Thursday, 22 November 2007


Going to be seeing one of my favourite bands tonight what should be good, alexisonfire it'll be the 2nd time im supposed to have seen them, but should have been 3rd but I was thrown out the first time, I wont tell you why though as its probably not appropriate for the blog! :)

Thursday, 15 November 2007

Interview with Graham Alexander Bell

So first things Long time no see Alexander! How is you err long "retirement" going?Well as you would imagine its rather dull!

Well ok then, so where were you born? Edinburgh Scotland.
So you’re known mostly for you inventions, what was the first thing you invented?

it would have been when I was a child and I invented a tool to help in a flour mill that my friends family owned, it was a homemade device that combined rotating paddles with sets of nail brushes, creating a simple dehusking machine, it got me and my friend a small workshop to invent more tools in!

Very interesting! Well tell us some more about yourself and family?
Well my father was Alexander Melville Bell, and my mother was Eliza Grace Symonds Bell.
Mabel Hubbard was my wife and we had four children!

I hear there was some dispute about you inventing the telephone first, what do you have to say about this?
No Comment!

So what how many inventions did you make in total?
Well I made 18 by myself and 14 with other people!

And the final question if you don’t mind me being blunt how is it you died?
I died of pernicious anemia on 2 August 1922, at my private estate, Beinn Bhreagh, Nova Scotia.

New job

Started a new job this week! working as a bar man at the edwardian on great western road, so come in for a pint if you want!

Thursday, 1 November 2007

Google Analytics

Well so far its not going good for my blog as the average time for a veiw on it is 1.26 seconds but hopefully that'll improve as i post more often!


The Future

Well so far the course isn’t to bad although some aspects of Int 2 are a bit tedious it’ll pass quick and I cant wait to start the HNC to get a bit more of a challenge not sure what I want to do with computing yet as in software hardware or web design. In five years time id like to have finished Uni and in a decent job or be a rock star but some things are only dreams! :P

My main aim is just to try and stick in a bit more than I am already and get threw this course eventually.
What I did on my holiday!

Well this year I went on holiday with my girlfriend and another couple who we are friends with to Benalmadena in Spain. Its was a typical holiday for someone my age, Way to much alcohol was consumed and partied to much but it was still a good holiday with plenty on sunshine! Fraid to say I cant get any photos at the moment as im in class and bebo is blocked but I may put some up later as there’s a couple of funny ones I think.

Thursday, 18 October 2007

new post

college has been pretty good this week! played alot pool and had a couple of drinks basically so its all kewl